Zensui Narita, known for his works based on traditional Japanese tattoos (IREZUMI), will present his first NFT art.
He has previously shown his work in New York, Tokyo and Nagoya.

The NFT art piece “Kumicho” has various meanings depending on how the audience perceives it.

The contrast between digital and analog is also one of the themes. The actual Kumicho is also included in the set, which can be obtained anywhere in the world.

About Zensui Narita

Far Eastern colors of contemporary

Zensui was born and raised in Japan, where the past and present are interwoven to create a unique culture.
He began drawing manga illustrations in her teens, and continued to search for her own originality, but no matter how many works he continued to draw, he was unable to find an expression that satisfied her.More than ten years have passed since then.Zensui traveled to many cities around the world, and through her travels, He finally found his own expression.
The vivid colors that stand at the boundary between the long closed aesthetics of Japan and the modern society that is opening up.

The design is inspired by the unique Japanese IREZUMI.
The very senses that Zensui creates through his five senses have become his originals.

2011, he started an exhibition.

2013, The  “組長 KUMICHO” completed  which was created from scratch from modeling to painting, and presented it at an exhibition in New York.

2017, Zensui held an exhibition in Tokyo, where he spent about a month to further develop his original works.

The year is 2022.

The absurdity of Japanese society is unchanged from the various events happening around the world.

These will give birth to new works through Zensui’s five senses and heart.As an expressionist living in this modern age.

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